How To Remove A Pop Socket Top

How To Remove A Pop Socket Top


How To Remove A Pop Socket Top. Dig your fingernail under the popsocket to pry it off of your phone, then pull the plastic grip to it. And once done, you can push it down and hide it.

How To Remove A Pop Socket TopHow To Remove A Pop Socket Top
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If it sticks during the pushing process, try to gently wiggle the pop socket a bit before attempting to push it in again. 4 can you switch popsocket tops? If the adhesive is too strong to remove the popsocket by hand, slide dental floss under it to unglue it.

6 How Do You Take Off A Popsocket Otterbox?

And once done, you can push it down and hide it. Put it on your wireless charger.3. Until iphone 12 and its new magnetic back panel, all popsockets were sticky and incompatible.

If It Sticks During The Pushing Process, Try To Gently Wiggle The Pop Socket A Bit Before Attempting To Push It In Again.

Collapse the popgrip fully turn 90° in any direction. Give it a try and you'll quickly realize that special click is the sound of magic 🔮. 7 are popsockets still popular 2021?

Dig Your Fingernail Under The Popsocket To Pry It Off Of Your Phone, Then Pull The Plastic Grip To It.

5 are pop sockets removable? Carefully run the dental floss underneath the popsocket to remove it from the phone case. If you don’t have dental floss handy, you can use any other type of thin string like fishing line or hanging wire.

Dip Your Thumb In The Water, Then Move It In A Circle Around The Base.

Popsockets are great for holding a smartphone with one hand while you text with the other, but if you have a new case or upgrade your phone and want to keep your popsocket, you need to remove it from your current device. Then the socket comes completely out and you can replace it with your own. You'll feel a click and this will release the top from the base.

You Might Not Have To Push Very Hard—Just Enough To Get A Firm Grip Just On The Pop Socket.

9 are popsockets bad for your. With a swappable popsocket, all you have to do to charge your phone wirelessly is pop the top off the base and set your phone down on a wireless charger. 8 can you remove a pop socket and put it on another case?

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